Merger – Acquisition/ Sale Transactions

  • The recapitalization of a $1.5 billion Louisiana based bank involving the design of two new classes of common stock exchanged for the old Voting Common to facilitate the implementation of a strategic/ownership realignment/estate plan and subsequent sale transaction to a Louisiana based publicly traded bank holding company.
  • The valuation of a $1.2 billion Texas based bank holding company to facilitate the:(a)transfer of a majority ownership interest to family members at discounted minority values for Estate Planning and IRS filing activities, and(b) subsequent sale to an out-of-state publicly traded banking concern.
  • The purchase of 300 branch locations and core deposits from the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) by both public and private growth oriented regional bank holding companies, including the development of purchase price allocation/core deposit intangible (‟CDI‶) valuations for various filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

  • Serving as the financial advisor to the Board of Directors of a $2.0 billion Oklahoma bank holding company in the determination of the ‟fairness from a financial point-of-view‶ in a hostile take-over environment.The preparation of ‟fairness from a financial point of view opinion(s)‶ in connection with the sale of numerous community banks to a publicly-traded regional and national bank holding companies.
  • Advising the Board of Directors in over 50 community banking organizations in connection with sale/merger transactions including the determination of fairness from a financial point-of-view. Preparation of offering documents, identification of potential qualified buyers, representation of the selling shareholder, and negotiation of the sale transaction involving a valve actuation company and an oil field service concern with patented technology and equipment.