Purchase Price Allocation/Intangible Assets

  • Purchase price allocation involving the sale of a co-generation (steam and electricity) facility, a captive natural gas pipeline and gas supply contracts to a publicly traded company by a major publicly traded brewery for both IRS and SEC filing activities.Valuation of Coca-Cola Franchise Rights in connection with a regional consolidation by a major, closely-held regional Coca-Cola bottling concern for a purchase price allocation filing with the IRS.
  • Valuation of customer list/route sales contracts for a publicly traded uniform/linen rental company for a purchase price allocation filing with the IRS and SEC reporting purposes.

  • Development of an SFAS 142 goodwill impairment study for numerous growth oriented mid-sized community banks.Other assignments have included the valuation of intangible assets, including trademarks/service marks, patents (medical technology, environmental equipment, animal vaccines, customer lists, newspaper/magazine, morgues, broadcast licenses (radio and television), supply  agreements/take or  pay contracts, non-compete agreements, franchise/distributorship rights (Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Miller), core deposits and mortgage servicing rights for purchase price allocation filings with the IRS and SEC.